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'Given under my hand this second day of January, 1893, at the Villa
Viviani, village of Settignano, three miles back of Florence, on the
hills -- the same certainly affording the most charming view to be
found on this planet, and with it the most dreamlike and enchanting
sunsets to be found in any planet or even in any solar system -- and
given, too, in the swell room of the house, with the busts of
Cerretani senators and other grandees of this line looking approvingly
down upon me, as they used to look down upon Dante, and mutely asking
me to adopt them into my family, which I do with pleasure, for my
remotest ancestors are but spring chickens compared with these robed
and stately antiques, and it will be a great and satisfying lift for
me, that six hundred years will'. Mark Twain

This description by Mark Twain sums up perfectly the special location of Villa Viviani. This historical abode, set in Settignano, on the hills that overlook Florence, gives a beautiful view on one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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